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My online pilot program will teach you how to stabilize your low back the right way and incorporate that stability into exercise so you can be active without the frustration and fear of being limited…

… even if you’ve had back pain for years.

As a fitness professional who helps people rebuild their bodies, I find too many people struggling with low back pain. 

They all go through the same cycle — their back “goes out” and they’re in pain, it gets better, and they return to the activities they enjoy….. but their back eventually goes out again and the cycle repeats. 

Over time they notice their back goes out more frequently and the pain is worse. And there’s often some stiffness that never really goes away at all. 

They just can’t break the cycle or understand WHAT is causing their back pain or HOW to prevent it. 

Does that sound familiar?

If you’ve had low back pain you know how debilitating it is and how much it affects your energy and self-confidence. 

Back pain affects EVERYTHING you do and no activity or exercise feels comfortable. When it keeps coming back:

  • You feel limited

  • You feel older than you should

  • You constantly have to assess the risk of sending your back into spasm again

  • You miss out on work or fun activities

  • You lose money due to missed work or repeated treatments in the hope that it will help


Many people will work on strengthening their core with Pilates, yoga, strength training, abdominal exercises, or core exercises. The thought is always that the core needs to be STRONGER to be healthy and pain-free.

And that logic is wrong! 

Your spine needs to be STABLE first, and it’s not the same thing as strength. 

And if you were taught to pull your belly button in to engage your core, you were taught how to ruin your core stability! 

With all the misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what’s good for your back and what isn’t. 

On top of all that, no one ever teaches you how to exercise, work out, and do your favorite activities so your back stays healthy in the long-run.

It’s no wonder the pain keeps coming back!

I used to have low back pain too from years of lifting weights in the gym with poor stability. I’ve since invested years in learning the best methods to stabilize the low back and how to keep it stable over time.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients with intermittent low back pain and chronic back ache to help them reduce or eliminate their pain and regain confidence in their bodies again.

I want to help YOU overcome your own back pain, and (literally) rebuild your back from the ground up so that you can get back to your life and favorite activities without the hesitation, fear, or frustration you’ve been experiencing.


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As I said earlier, I’ve helped hundreds of clients with intermittent low back pain and chronic back ache reduce or eliminate their pain.

Normally, working with me one-on-one would cost more than $1,100 for 7 weeks of coaching.

My Rebuild Your Back from the Ground Up online pilot course is a fraction of that cost at $297.

Think of how much money you’ll be spending over the next few years on:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Massage

  • Chiropractic

  • Acupuncture

Not to mention the time spent driving to all those appointments and time lost at work.

All of those costs can really add up over a period of years, especially when your back pain gets worse over time!

And here’s my promise…. if you don’t feel like this program is a good fit for you within the first 14 days, I’ll refund the full cost

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So that’s how everything will work!

Rebuild Your Back from the Ground Up is a 7-week online pilot program that runs from Monday June 3rd, until Thursday July 18th.

The cost of the program is $297 and the deadline to sign up is Tuesday May 28th.

I’m only accepting 15 participants….

If you’re interested in signing up, click the button below to contact me and we’ll talk to find out if the program is a good fit for you

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Doug Barsanti
Founder of ReInvention Fitness