I have had a series of hip replacement surgeries over the past 20 years and felt like my body was crumbling, my gait had a pronounced limp, my lower back had chronic pain, and I felt fatigued all the time.

After Physical Therapy, I wondered what I could do on my own going forward. I needed a personal trainer to not only help me transition from Physical Therapy, but to guide me forward into total peak conditioning for my age and capabilities.

I was scared that I would get railroaded into doing things beyond my ability and, really, I had no idea what I was capable of... I just knew I needed to get jump-started and transitioned into a “wellness lifestyle,” and I needed a personal trainer to guide me.

I feel so lucky to have found Doug at Reinvention Fitness. It was serendipity, and has turned out to be the best thing I could have hoped for at this point in trying to redefine who I am as a fit and healthy person with the best physical condition I can obtain.

Doug is simply ideal at moving me forward in the most natural, comfortable, and actually fun way imaginable. I’ve already exceeded my own imagination and overcome huge mental barriers to physical conditioning! Every session is carefully planned to work on exactly the problem areas that have been holding me back, causing me pain, or creating less than optimal performance for my strength, flexibility, and especially my gait.

I am thrilled with my personal records and progress to date, and I look forward to each session rather than avoiding movement or making excuses. Doug has made my path toward strength, flexibility and stability fun and highly effective. I appreciate his in-depth knowledge and positive approach.
— Lu

I’m an active guy – mountain biking, back packing, SUP, weight training at the gym. Over the years I’ve had to listen to my body and seek trainers to help me through the usual challenges of aging to remain active. Most recently, this involved dealing with the negative side effects of combined radiation and hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

I had worked with Doug before. He has a novel approach that emphasizes body movement over pumping iron. I sought him out before treatment began to map out a program with three objectives:

1) Emerge from the therapy with the same level of core strength

2) Maintain my flexibility and balance

3) Sustain my energy level and endurance.

With Doug’s patient coaching I achieved all three goals.

It’s difficult to describe Doug’s approach. To my way of thinking, he helps reawaken and reactivate smaller but key muscle groups that help us remain supple and strong, but that tend to atrophy or stiffen from underuse as we age and become overly dependent on larger muscle groups. Most of the resistance and conditioning involve body motions, not weights. There’s plenty of cardio involved.

It’s not always easy. Some of the routines are extremely challenging. I asked Doug to push me, and he did, but with good humor, and always attentive to not exceeding the natural motions and limits of my body. I would highly recommend him to any guy or gal who is serious about maintaining a satisfactory level of fitness and activity.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many highly qualified physical trainers over the past 50 years. Doug Barsanti is one of, if not, the best.
— Bill

Doug was recommended to me by the owner of Toadal Fitness, where I am a member. Having retired from teaching, I was finally ready to get real about fitness. My goals were to increase my strength and flexibility.

Doug opened my eyes to a much broader definition of lifetime fitness. The training regimen he developed specifically for me has definitely yielded results. Most important, because of his depth of knowledge and keen observation, Doug identified some physical issues that needed to be addressed beyond the scope of our training. He suggested an evaluation by a physical therapist and now, in conjunction with the two of them, I am correcting physical issues I had resigned myself to accepting after years of futile treatments with doctors and various other practitioners.

I can’t imagine a better way to invest health care dollars. Age is NOT going to get in my way as I work to become fit for life. Oh yes...Doug has a great sense of humor too, and laughter is part of every training session.
— Linda

I was encouraged to talk with Doug Barsanti after a workout at Toadal Fitness to improve my fitness and help rehabilitate my back. I was still in physical therapy at Dominican and Doug coordinated my workouts with my P.T., which gave me a very consistent training regime. I’ve always had a regular workout routine, but Doug showed me new and safer ways to improve my strength and overall fitness and it was fun. He makes you feel comfortable and at the same time maintains a very professional approach to training. I would definitely recommend Doug as your next trainer. You won’t be disappointed.
— Renee

For many years I worked under pressure at a desk job. Over the years I had increasing levels of neck, shoulder, knee and lower back pain. Once I retired, I joined Toadal Fitness and started working out in classes and on machines which isolate big muscle groups.

Having worked with other trainers unsuccessfully, I was skeptical that anything could help me and I was concerned about being injured further. I thought the level of pain I experienced was just a natural progression and I would have to live with it. I was told by doctors that I should have shoulder replacement surgery and knew I should get in the best shape possible before surgery. Over time I noticed Doug training people at my gym and that his clients were doing exercises that looked more innovative using a combination of physical therapy and training that did not include machines. Doug was highly recommended by acquaintances, so I jumped in and have now only to wish that I had done so sooner.

With Doug’s help I have been able to change my posture and uplift out of pain especially in my knees, neck and lower back, where I no longer have any pain. I am still amazed and thrilled to go down stairs like a young person and not have pain. I won’t be having the prescribed shoulder surgery as the daunting shoulder pain I lived with for many years is gone. With Doug’s help I have been able heal my body of past stresses and injuries and greatly improve my posture and walking.

Vacations now are walking tours where I am able to walk for miles with no problem and my back no longer “goes out”. I am able to lift my suitcase up stairs, onto trains, and into overhead bins. As I’ve been able to enjoy so much more activity, if I do get injured, I know there is always a way back from it with Doug’s help.

Doug is able to see where you carry stress that is causing you to hold yourself in ways that are perpetuating bad posture, injury and resulting pain. His training style is professional and comfortable, and I have come to trust that Doug’s exercises push me, yet do not cause pain or injury, just the joy of feeling strong and super good. Doug offers a top quality exercise regime that I look forward to doing twice a week.
— Mary

I started working out with Doug about 4 years ago. I had completed 14 months of breast cancer treatments, was commuting two hours a day and working at a sedentary job. I was in my early 50’s and in the worse shape of my life - overweight, lethargic and unfit – and I hated exercise.

My first goal with Doug was to be able to put on my underwear without sitting down. Happily, we have achieved that goal and so much more. I have enjoyed almost every minute of my time with Doug. He is motivating, funny and most of all understands the human body. I may be exhausted but I’m still able to walk after my workouts. He pushes me but in a very supportive way. Unlike some of the other trainers I’ve watched, Doug gives me exercises appropriate for my age and challenges my abilities. Under his instruction, I have become a much better performer in many areas including strength, balance and agility. I am doing activities I would not have thought of a few years ago.

A couple years ago I rafted down the Colorado River for a week and was able to help set up camps, do the hikes and keep up with the younger members of the group. My “ah ha” moment came after the trip when I looked at pictures of myself taken at the top of the canyon looking down to where the rafts were. Wow, I made it up there with the leaders, not at the end of the line! Even more, I didn’t even consider remaining back at camp as I would have prior to training with Doug.

Several months ago, my goal was to deadlift my weight. We accomplished that and last month I lifted 215 pounds. While I don’t have plans to enter Olympic weight lifting competitions, just to know I can do it is exhilarating.

I’ve lost 30 pounds in the process and love the way I feel. I’m no longer having aches and pains in my body and feet, and I sleep better at night. My workouts are dates on my calendar that I schedule events around. I feel sluggish and tired now if I don’t exercise regularly. And I’m planning my next adventure vacation with activity in mind – no cruises for me!
— Marla

I was hired by CALFIRE as a forester and was required to attend the CAL FIRE Firefighter II Academy as a condition of my employment. Then I broke my humerus two weeks after I was hired.

When I came to ReInvention Fitness I was a mess. I was sad, sore, and full of self-doubt. Doug’s positive and encouraging attitude made him easy to work with. He did a great job of developing drills which mimicked real-life situations. I was well prepared to meet the diverse challenges of a difficult course meant for career firefighters. I am proud to say that with Doug’s help I was able to add one women to a class of 50 men.
— Sarah

I have spent most of my adult life with ‘bad’ knees. It started in my thirties and did not get any better, only worse, for ten years. I finally decided to do something about it and got some medical advice and physical therapy. It helped to a degree, and I began to improve. However, I hit a wall and could not get pain and swelling out of my knees with moderate activity.

I heard about Doug and his approach and decided to work with him. He presented a very different way to think about my problem, more a matter of ‘retraining’ the muscles in use, rather than just strengthening them. It took me a little while to really understand and execute what he was asking me to do. But the results have been virtually life changing!

I won’t forget the day when he ‘taught’ me to take a step up and support my weight properly – what had always been a painful moment, suddenly was effortless. It was almost miraculous. And I am now virtually pain free in almost all circumstances and am still getting better, more capable each week. My goals now are to remain pain free while challenging my body to higher and higher levels of physical demand.

I have recently started to play soccer and tennis pain free which was unimaginable just a short while ago. And more importantly, I am now able to concentrate on raising my overall fitness level (and losing weight) because I don’t have to worry about painful knees. I am so glad to have found Doug and Reinvention Fitness!
— John

At age 35, I found myself with few options left for treating my severe lower back pain. My recent pregnancy and career as a nurse had left me with terrible back pain, so much so that even getting out of bed was a feat riddled with pain.

For treatment I had been seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist, as well as joining the gym and going to yoga and barre classes. I knew I needed more strength training but was hesitant to start lifting weights for fear of injuring myself even more.

That’s when I sought out the help of a personal trainer. I needed someone with a background in physical therapy, and with the help of the Toadal Fitness staff, I found Doug.

We began slowly and worked constantly on body mechanics and breathing. I learned that the yoga I had been doing was doing more harm than good for the type of pain I had.

Over the past two years I have been working with Doug once a week and now there are times when I forget that I even had back pain. I started feeling better within several months of working with him and my back pain has resolved. Occasionally I will get some pain after a work related injury but I have found I bounce back from the injury much faster now that I have a strong foundation.

I continue seeing Doug for personal training because we work on fitness goals that I’m excited about. At first I was nervous about getting a personal trainer but Doug is extremely pleasant to work with and is one of the most patient people I have ever met. He never makes me feel bad about setbacks and is always positive and encouraging.

I feel very lucky to have found a wonderful and reliable trainer that I look forward to seeing every week.
— Alana

I came to one of Doug’s workshops on aging and staying active at Toadal Fitness and was really interested in the functional training that he spoke about and taught that day. I followed up with Doug because I had set a goal for myself to paddle across Monterey Bay before I turned 55.

I felt like I was an active person surfing, hiking, biking, doing yoga, and gardening but I was feeling my physical fitness declining since I had reached age 50 and I was constantly dealing with small, persistent injuries. I had chronic back pain and a shoulder injury that still bothered me. Doug quickly began with a training regimen that kept me motivated and interested and I immediately began to feel stronger in my core and was able to access more strength for my favorite things to do.

After six months of training with Doug I broke my foot and immediately thought my progress would be halted for a year while my foot healed. That is not what Doug thought! He had me immediately back in the gym - working on keeping me fit and making sure my whole body did not decline just because of my broken foot! One year later my foot is fully recovered and strong as ever.

I trust Doug in knowing how to train my body to meet my goal before I turn 55. I really appreciate that Doug recognizes that setting goals for yourself physically is so important as you age and his training techniques support your goals. If you want to stay fit, achieve new levels in your fitness, and reach goals you set for yourself then I highly recommend Doug as a trainer and more importantly a mentor to get you there.
— Donna

I met Doug Barsanti owner of ReInvention Fitness via Toadal Fitness over a year ago. He was assigned to me when I first joined the gym to provide 3 complimentary training sessions. I was in a critical point in my life. I had recently lost about 40lbs and was starting to gain some back. I really wanted to start running again as I had not done so in too many years to mention.

I decided to make an investment in myself by signing up for personal training sessions with him. I’ve been seeing him consistently since September 2010 and thanks to him I just completed the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

The training we did focused on strength, endurance and agility. Throughout my training Doug was aware of a prior knee injury and always kept that at the forefront of our training. He has also worked with me on nutrition and to some degree on raising my self esteem around body image issues - because yes our bodies do change once we reach 40!
— Emma