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People often assume they have core stability. They do Pilates, they lift weights, they do group exercise programs, they do abdominal exercises like crunches, or they do core strength exercises like planks.

All of those tend to focus on one element of the core - STRENGTH.


Core STRENGTH is the ability to prevent your spine from moving out of its proper alignment during physical activity (and ab exercises where you’re always crunching, extending, or side bending don’t even help with that!). Core STABILITY is the coordination of the deep muscles within your torso to CREATE that proper alignment in the first place. 

Think of your core as a symphony of instruments (muscles). Core strength is how loud the instruments can play. Stability is the ability of all the instruments to play together at the right volume and at the right time to make beautiful music (proper control of your spine).

Strength and stability are not the same thing. 

A loud symphony isn't good if all the instruments are out of sync. In other words, you can have good core strength (loud instruments) and still be compressing the painful discs in your low back with poor stability (instruments out of sync). 

You need to have stability first. Your strength everywhere in your body depends on it, and if you don't have it, there will be a ripple effect of compensations with a higher risk of stiffness, pain, or weakness.


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